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Retratos Victory
I am a mother of five and the founder of Victory Orphanage and Needy Foundation. Since my school years in the 70s, my ambition was to establish my own unique project, centered on orphans and under privileged kids. I´ve always felt especially sensitive and emotional about children from poverty homes. In 1989, I started teaching as a pupil teacher in Azim, in Western Ghana. I worked for some years to get financial support to start my dream project. Full of determination, I started putting up structures and adquiring teaching and learning materials. I started in with not more than 8 kids. Me and my son Kwaku (who studied Early Childhood Education in university in order to improve the project) we strive by working with other community members. Also, we farm in a family's piece of land to provide food for the children.
As a kid, I saw my mother Victoria devoting herself full time to improve the living conditions and education of orphans, street kids and under priviledged children. This had a big impact on me. So when I finished Secondary school, I decided to study Early Childhood Education at the University of Education in Winneba, Ghana, the most prestigious institution of its kind in the country. After completing my degree (with specialisation in child care), I started using what I had learnt in university to support my mother towards improving her project. I came out with different ideas and potential implementations to bring the project to the next level. I now take an active role in many aspects of the foundation: teaching, raising funds, forming the team...